Re: Website and software translations

Shame on me, I haven’t know about this useful tool before. Thanks for the clear explanation I’ve updated the translation according to rev160. How often should I review and update the translation? That’s not a problem to do this for every revision but I don’t want to spam this topic with translations every 2-3 days. Maybe it’s good to make an announce that new release is coming in a few days so translators could update their files in time?

poedit reorganised the file for some reason.  I re-ran update from sources and it put it back in the original order so it’s fine now.  Did you run it on a drive where files aren’t sorted alphabetically, like a FAT drive or USB flash drive?

Strings aren’t added or changed very often.  It’s months before enough changes build up.

I uploaded the changes.

This Windows build has the Russian translation in it:

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